Center for Family Strengthening is dedicated to strengthening families through education and advocacy. The center partners with family support organizations in San Luis Obispo County to provide resources to families in need, protect children from abuse and neglect, and ensure that strong families are a community priority.

Helping families thrive.

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One by one, we help thousands of families in difficulty get back on track.

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One in ten children suffers from child abuse. Child abuse is preventable. Center for Family Strengthening (CFS) provides programs that make positive systemic changes in the lives of families. We engage and strengthen families.
The power of your donation will help us today to prevent abuse by expanding our programs. Make a difference. Make a donation through Escrip, Amazon Smile, or a credit card payment. Call us today to volunteer.

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All families need help at one time or another. We offer many resources to:

  • Help you strengthen your family
  • Change the behaviors that are causing you stress
  • Build your resilience in times of need

Connect with us to help your family thrive.
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CFS is your resource for Child Abuse Prevention Education and Knowledge. Visit our website for reporting suspected child abuse and information about the Five Protective Factors that prevent abuse.

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If you are an Advocate, Counselor or Parent Educator for a Family Resource Center, CFS is your resource for the latest information about Child Abuse Reporting Laws and prevention. CFS offers training on the Five Protective Factors and how to prevent and stop child abuse.
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